The Six Best Blogs for Scandinavian Design Inspiration

Scandinavia Standard says it’s a website “dedicated to up-to-date content on Scandinavian design, fashion, culture, events, travel, small business and advice for English-speaking resident and visitors.” At first that seemed to me like a very niche market, but then I started thinking about it. According to USA Today, Denmark, Norway and Sweden are all in the top 5 five happiest countries in the world. So of course I should want to be kept up to date about all things Scandinavian.

This post lists six Swedish Interior Design blogs that are more than worth following. These are not IKEA show rooms. Everything is modern and clean but has tons of personality.

Clean concrete walls

One of the blogs featured, features a lot of beautiful vintage furniture pieces. It also has a print shop that sells really beautiful photograph prints I’m seriously thinking about purchasing. Another blog, EMS DESIGNBLOGG, makes me upset that I don’t have clean concrete walls in my home.

My favorite blog on the list is Fine Little Day, because I actually bookmarked it to go back and check again. I can actually see myself getting some styling tips from its posts and I kind of want to buy everything in its shop.

Bonus info: Scandinavia Standard also has a post on how to make your home look like one of those beautiful Scandinavian homes but without the hefty price tag. Check it out here. The recommend a particular designer, Broste Copenhagen, who I’m slightly afraid is going to receive my entire tax return.