Imogen posing
Spring.St Tries: Red Carpet Tricks to Make You look Way Better in Photos

When it comes to photos of ourselves, we're our own worst critics. Most of us have hit "untag" on a photo because we don't like the way we look in it. Or hate it, even.

But when you find yourself asking, "Do I actually look like that?!" the answer is no: You just aren't the best at posing.

Because what feels—and is—natural isn't always what's most flattering in the eyes of the camera.

One (out of about a billion) things that separates us common folk from celebrities is that we aren't professional posers. So Spring.St did some research on how exactly the celebrities make themselves look so good on the red carpet.

And like all good researchers, we decided to test the tips out ourselves. You're very welcome to try these at home.

1. "Turtling"

You know how easy it is to end up with a photo that really shows off your double-chin.  But have you tried mimicking a turtle? (The animal we all want to look like, right?)

The idea is to push your chin out, then down. It's very "chin flattering". Seriously, though.

2. "A natural smile"

A natural smile is sometimes hard to muster up on your own. But if you place your tongue behind your top two teeth and then smile, it will appear natural in photos. Which is all that counts, for our purposes here.

3. "Superman arms"

A flattened-out arm tends to look larger-then-real-life in photographs. You can make arms appear slimmer by putting your hands on your hips (à la Superman).

And yes, you might feel stupid doing these things. But you'll look great.