7 of the Best Things You Might Have Missed From the 2017 Met Gala

Have you been anywhere near the internet in the last 18 hours? Last night was the annual Met Gala, complete with extraordinary dresses, fashion MVP moments, celebrities adoring each other, and some very strong after-party outfit game.

And some other things you may have missed.

1. Lena Dunham's Planned Parenthood pin

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And her other, very hilarious Instagram post.

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2. Katy Perry's confusing veil

What did it even say? Wetness? Whiteness? Wellness? Apparently, it's "Witness"—which superfans believe might be the title of her next album.

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Other fans (presumably less super) were more distracted by the fact she forgot to clean her mirrors.

3. And all the other very beautiful platinum blonde pixie cuts

Perry wasn't the only one making me want to cut off all of my own hair. Also in the new "it" haircut of 2017 were Zoë Kravitz:

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Rita Ora:

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Mary J. Blige:

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And Cara Delvigne. (Yes, I'm counting silver as platinum here. Don't fight me on this.)

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4. Jaden Smith carrying his own hair as a purse

Because there's always someone who needs to take it too far. (Although refer to above point re. pixie cuts—I have to say I feel where he's coming from here.)

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5. All the Helen Lasichanh memes

People had feelings about the very fashion outfit Pharrell's wife rocked up in. Yes, it was true to the evening's Comme des Garcons theme.

It also kind of made her look like Thinking Chair:

Or a Thumb Thumb:

6. Diddy getting tired and sitting down on the stairs

The internet obviously lost the plot on this one.

Fair enough.

7. Sarah Paulson photobombing Madonna

A.k.a. The new .

Can't wait until next year.