Alexis Bledel Had a Baby 6 Months Ago and No One Knew

GIST: Hollywood's latest trend is hiding babies. Celebrities around the world are evading red carpets and paparazzi for months after secretly birthing children, and the media is NOT PLEASED.

FRANKLY: Rory Gilmore had a child six months ago and nobody knew. Woah. Alexis Bledel (she'll always be Rory to us) managed to get pregnant, carry a baby to full-term, give birth, then have that baby in her possession for half a year before her Gilmore Girls co-star Scott Patterson forgot about their secret pact and blabbed to the media about it.

In an interview with Glamour, he said: "She’s really blossomed as a woman and now she’s a proud new mother and married and happy."

After that statement, her rep had to come clean. We can assume Scott is now off Alexis's Christmas card list.

Alexis, 34, is not the first celebrity in the world to hide a baby. She's not even the first this month. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling pulled off what we once thought was the impossible when they announced their pregnancy two weeks after Eva actually gave birth to her second child. Take that, paparazzi.

When I was reading about Alexis this morning, I saw headline after headline that implied how terrible it was that she dared have a child in private. Honestly, famous people these days. Can't they feed our sad addiction to celeb news a little more before trying to have a private life? Even one sneaky bump photo would have sufficed, Alexis.

Only kidding. I don't know how long Alexis was planning on hiding her baby, but I'm so glad she was able to have the first six months with her child without the world breathing down her sleep-deprived neck. Privacy is something celebrities don't often get and, of course, it can be argued that they chose this life and everything that comes with fame, but their children didn't. It's an issue that has surfaced countless times in recent years. In 2014, actress Kristen Bell successfully fought for new laws protecting the children of famous people from the searing lens of a paparazzi's camera, calling them "hunters" and "predators" for their actions towards kids. And as consumers, we're similar. We gushed over the first photos of Kim Kardashian's children and we immediately click on any family photo of the Jolie-Pitts. But we need to stop.

Alexis — and every other mother, famous or not — should be able to keep their children private for as long as they want. No amount of happiness that we get out of seeing celebrity maternity fashion or a newborn photo on the cover of a magazine can compare to those important first weeks between a mother and her child. It's not our moment, and it shouldn't be.