How to Dodge Uncomfortable (and Illegal) Job Interview Questions

How many kids do you have? Where are you from? Are you single? Do you go to church? Do you plan on having children soon?

Each of those questions are illegal, plus really awkward and uncomfortable, to ask in a job interview.


In fact, any question regarding your gender, health, race, family or religion is off limits. And most people don't even realize it.

Nerves and just being focused on answering every question perfectly makes you oblivious to the interviewer asking inappropriate questions.

The best way to answer these types of questions in a job interview is to think about how the question applies to the position and focusing on that.

When answering questions about gender

Don't address gender in your response. For example, if an employer asks you how well you can handle working with majority men? Simply talk up your ability to work in groups and how you're a great team player. Avoid referencing gender.

If you're asked about your family plan

Reassure the interviewer that you are very invested in the company and really interested in the job opportunity. Tell him or her that you're not sure about your plans at the moment (even if you are).

When it comes to your nationality

Just respond honestly if you feel comfortable. If not, just say you've lived in a bunch of different places. The interviewer is most likely just trying to figure out if you are legally allowed to work in the country your interviewing in.

When age becomes more than just number

Because ageism is still a thing. Especially while looking for job.

If an interviewer asks you about your age or hints at your age being a problem, emphasize your skills and experience.

Asking if you're available to work on Sunday is okay but...

Being asked if you go to church Sunday mornings is not. Deflect this question by answering with a question, like is the schedule flexible?

You can also let them know that you are very flexible.

Most questions asked during a job interview are not meant to make you feel uncomfortable. They are typically asked in a way that you don't even realize they're illegal.

But remember to not immediately call out the interviewer on their illegal question. The interview could take a drastic, aggressive turn.

Take the time to ask yourself, how does this question apply to the job?

You'll be able to dodge every illegal question thrown your way.