Everyone is Talking About This Anxiety Sweater

I'm not afraid to tell people I have anxiety. I talk a lot so if I'm with you for more than a few hours, it'll probably come out.

That being said, I don't know if I could wear a sweater with the word 'Anxious' across my chest.

A mental health agency in the UK has teamed up with a fashion label to create this very festive sweater. And the internet is divided over whether it's a great idea or not.

anxiety sweater
WMJxAnxiety UK's campaign is raising awareness for anxiety. PHOTO: WMJxAnxietyUK

WMJ and Anxiety UK's campaign aims to raise awareness of anxiety and remove the stigma behind the illness. In 2016, this is a great thing. We've seen celebrity after celebrity speak publicly about their anxiety and it's made us feel like we're not alone.

But on the other hand, this sweater could end up on the bodies of people who use it for nothing more than a few laughs.

anxiety sweater
You can download the design for just $2.50. PHOTO: WMJxAnxietyUK

We've all heard it before—someone who makes their bed every morning says they're "so OCD" or a person whose mood is up and down jokes about how "bipolar" they are, and suddenly, without even realizing it, we're making light of something serious.

This sweater can be taken both ways. Anxiety isn't a joke, or a meme, or something to laugh about. But raising awareness for the illness is always a good thing.

anxiety sweater
Would you wear this? PHOTO: WMJxAnxietyUK

The campaign's message is a positive one: studies have found knitting can help decrease anxiety levels, and this design is made for people who want to knit. Instead of buying a sweater online, you can actually download the design and knit it yourself.

The design costs $2.50 to download, with 100 percent of proceeds going to Anxiety UK.

Whether you'd wear the design or not, the campaign has reminded us to keep talking about mental health... and to possibly take up knitting.