We Can't Stop Watching These Inexplicably Relaxing Hair Balayage Videos

There's something relaxing about watching other people get beauty treatments done. Maybe it's second-hand relaxation? Or some sort of strange ASMR type situation?

Whatever it is, we can't get our fill of relaxing beauty videos. It's so easy to fall down a beauty-video-rabbit hole.  We've falling in love with crystal face massage videos, makeup swiping and bun dropping before.

Well now we have a whole new obsession, hair balayage videos.  We could watch these videos for hours.

Balayage is a trendy new hair coloring process in which a stylist paints highlights on, instead of using the classic foil-method. This means highlights are more natural looking.   Many women now swear by it, because as your hair grows out new lines are much less obvious, and much less maintenance then traditional dyes.

We however, are mostly fans of how balayage looks in slow motion. It's mesmerizing to say the least.