Susanna Hoffs Sings Bangles Karaoke Song

You know when you’re riding with your best friend in the car with the windows down singing a song and crying your eyes out? The night is dark and no one can hear you. But you turn that song up and you’re letting it out? That’s how I feel about "Eternal Flame."

We didn’t have many girl bands in the '80s when I was a teenager but the Bangles were a stand out. I loved the girls in the band, but like most other people, Susannah Hoffs was my favorite. She had that baby soft voice and just stared into the camera during all the videos with this coy seduction, like “Come to me. I’m going to take charge of you.” Whoa!

This video isn’t about those days. It is about Daniel Ralston of Vulture asking Susannah Hoffs to sing a karaoke version of "Eternal Flame." He says that "Eternal Flame" is one of the most popular karaoke songs he’s ever heard, but anyone who tries it has to battle that high pitched note at the end. Not so easy. (“Manic Monday” is much easier and I nailed that during karaoke one night with some friends.)  

Girl Bands

Susanna Hoffs shows up at a mall and she’s just like you remember her, except cuter. How did that happen to her? Anyway, she’s adorable and petite and funny. She takes the tiny karaoke stage with a little dress that looks like it’s from the '50s and belts out a perfect rendition of “Eternal Flame,” not looking at the words once! (What? Musicians forget their lyrics all the time!) They cut away during that weird instrumental part that no one knows what to do with themselves on the stage except float their hands in the air and ask her a few questions. What is your favorite karaoke song to sing? And she says:

"Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" The Clash

"Happy," The Rolling Stones

"Dancing With Myself," Billy Idol

This is so fascinating to me! She picks easy songs. Songs that she knows she’ll sound good at.

You know what NOT to choose when doing karaoke? Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen." Take that as a bit of advice.