The BBC Interview Girl Now Has a Massive International Fan Club

Marion Kelly, the four-year-old daughter of professor/East Asia expert/BBC dad Robert Kelly, has "hippity-hopped" into the hearts of the world.

The eldest Kelly child has experienced a surge of viral and real-life popularity after a video of her and her baby brother James interrupting their father during a conference call with the BBC made its way around the internet.

As quick as Marion bounced into the room, with James wheeling in not long after her, she was gone—Mom Jung-a Kim ran in, grabbed the two and whisked them away.

But not without the entire incident being recorded.

Now, the world can’t get enough of little Marion. So much so that the Kelly family has been giving press conferences left and right.

"We love our children very much and are happy that our family blooper, our family error there on television brought so much laughter to so many people," Prof. Kelly told the crowd at one such conference recently.

Marion, unsuprisingly, has sent the internet into a tizzy—it's something about the combo of her chill but focused demeanor, cute pink glasses, and lollipop hanging nonchalantly out of her mouth.

But what the world really needs more of is Marion teaming up with fellow four-year-old and pink glasses aficionado Daliyah Arana, the Library of Congress' honorary 'Librarian for a Day', to become 2017's new super sleuths.

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Kudos for already doing great things with your lives, ladies.

H/t: The Sydney Morning Herald