What's the Best Beauty Tip You've Learned From Your Mom?

Despite the blatant stubbornness that I've maintained throughout my life, again and again, I come to the conclusion that my mother is right.

I am a staunch believer that mothers have superpowers like that. They just know stuff. Which is why I've always turned to my mom when it comes to beauty tips (and also because she has flawless skin and doesn't look a day over 40).

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Mom and Dad. The hair has changed, the skin has not.

I have vivid memories of sitting on the bathroom stool as a kid while my mother put on her makeup for work, marveling at the products she used and techniques involved in application. There's just a sort of unparalleled intimacy that goes along with watching someone get ready, and sharing those undone moments with them.

The number one thing my mother always taught me was: sunscreen. Sunscreen all the time. She essentially put the fear of God in me, so I obeyed.

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I'm always curious to hear about other people's learned beauty tips from their moms, so I asked my friends and coworkers to share theirs.

These are the ones that seem to be the most common:

"Comb your hair starting from ends to the top to prevent breakage."

"You don't have to shave above your knee."

"Keep dryer sheets in your purse during the winter. Wipe them over your legs, hair, and your shirt to remove static cling."

"SPF 30+. Every day. YSL Touche Eclat. Every day."

"Stay hydrated."

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Moms also have some brilliant hacks I never would have thought of:

"Hair spray on a brush = no winter hair static."

"Vaseline works WONDERS! Eye makeup remover, lip balm, etc."

And my personal favorite:

"Cute underwear is for you, not for men. Doesn't matter if anyone is going to see it; you know it's there, and you should always take the chance to feel more beautiful than anyone else realizes."

Was there ever any doubt that mom is the wisest lady in the room?