Escape: The Best Fictional Presidents in Movie and Television History

This week America elected Donald Trump as President of the United States. For the majority of people (what's up popular vote) this is incredibly disappointing. For them we offer a little escape from reality.

These are the best fictional presidents in movie and television history. Watch the clips, and remember that if we can write Presidents this good, there's still hope we can elect one in 2020.

President Thomas J. Whitmore

Bill Pullman's President Whitmore in Independence Day would not go quietly into the night. He would not go down without a fight.

President Josiah Bartlet

The West Wing's President Bartlet (played by Martin Sheen) hid an illness from the American public but did such a good job they reelected him anyway.

President James Marshall

Harrison Ford, terrorists, and America, a match made in movie heaven. Air Force One gives us one of the strongest presidents ever. Oh, and get off his plane.

Dave Kovic

Technically Kevin Kline's Dave Kovic in 1993's Dave isn't really the president, he's just impersonating the President while his party tries to cover up for the fact that he had a stroke while having an affair. You know, that old story. But while in office, Dave actually does some great work for the American people.

President David Palmer

Before he was trying to convince you to switch your insurance, Dennis Haysbert was convincing audiences that a good man can be president with his portrayal of President Palmer on the show 24. Seeing a black man as president is considered by many to have played a role in getting President Barack Obama elected in 2008. They call it The Palmer Effect.

Palmer, as portrayed by Dennis Haysbert, is a member of the Democratic Party and the secondary protagonist of 24. A Blockbuster poll named him the president most people would like to see in the Oval Office. As a good family man and an idealist, Palmer embodies everything that the American public would like to see in a president.

President Andrew Shepard

In The American President, Michael Douglas's President Shepard is an idealist who loses his way but then finds his way back with the love and help of Annette Bening. A story, I think, most of us can relate to.

President Beck

If an asteroid attack threatened the people of Earth like in the movie Deep Impact, I'd want Morgan Freeman in charge too.

President Comacho

Okay, stay with me here. Terry Crews' President Comacho realized he couldn't fix the country himself and was big enough to ask for help. That's a great President.

President Devlin

Okay, I'll be honest I've never seen Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, but George Clooney plays the president in the film. If Clooney is in office, it deserves to close out this list.