Candice Huffine's 'Elle' Cover Is More Proof That a Movement Is Happening

Yet another milestone for plus size women in the fashion industry—and this time, it's not Ashley Graham.

Candice Huffine, a lesser-known yet also wildly accomplished model, just landed her first major American cover for Elle magazine.

"I’ve been a model for a very long time and these are the dreams I had from the very beginning, so it’s extremely exciting and I’m proud," she says in her interview. "I’m speechless. I’m also very validated in knowing that it’s possible, I did it and I’m doing it, and it’s not over for me."

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Huffine also discusses how little opportunity there was for plus-size models when she was just starting out.

"There was no home for me in the beginning [when I was] signed as a plus model," she says.

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But the past few years have been monumental in terms of widening society's ideas of beauty.

"We can open a magazine and see a body like mine or Ashley Graham’s or see just a wide variety of women. And I think that is the biggest telltale sign of the change and is the most rewarding feeling. I know that I made a mark in that. And I just know that the best is even still yet to come."

We think so, too.

H/t: Elle