6 Celebrities Who Choose Not to Wear Their Wedding Rings

Late last year, the The Washington Post shared a video of Barack Obama approaching a small crowd at the airport in Greensboro, North Carolina. In the video we see the former president, who's been married to Michelle Obama for 24 years, slip his wedding band off and into his pocket before shaking hands with the waiting crowd.

As the Post put it, "Even with all the Secret Service agents around him, the President isn't taking any chances with his personal valuables."

The former president cherishes his ring so much, he goes out of his way to care for its safety—but there are those who forgo wearing one at all.

Prince William

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According to the The New York Times, the palace released a statement saying Prince William's choice not to wear a ring is a “personal preference".

Meredith Vieira

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The American media personality, on the other hand, can't wear her wedding band because she's allergic to metal.

Viola Davis

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Davis has been married to her husband Julius Tennon for 13 years, but only wears an engagement ring.

President Donald Trump

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Maybe his hands are too small to wear a ring

Anna Faris

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Faris and husband Chris Pratt have been married since 2009, but like Davis, she also still sticks to an engagement ring.

Will Smith


Smith's decision not to wear a wedding band could have something to do with the constant split rumors around him and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

But that's just the point. Regardless of whether these celebrities wear a ring or not, they are in fact married.

And just like their jewelry choices, the rest is entirely their business.