Dr. Megan Meier Wins Today's Working Mom Prize

On September 2nd, Dr. Megan Meier, a sports medicine physician in Oklahoma City, was on hand to provide medical coverage for the Putnam City North High School football team during their season opener.

Perfectly normal—except Meier did it 35-weeks pregnant, with three-year-old daughter Kate strapped to her back.

A photographer was on hand to catch the supermom at work.

"I captioned the photo, 'Sports Medicine Doctor Mom—this is what happens when you are 35 weeks pregnant, husband leaves town for the weekend, childcare for 3yo falls through, and you have a game to cover!'"  Meier , of the photo she originally submitted to Facebook group Physician Mom Group (PMG).

She posted it to the group because she thought they would enjoy "seeing a visual representation of what we all do each and every day". But she was shocked by all the attention the photo has received from all over the world.

"I am overwhelmed by all the positive feedback and support the members of this group have given," she writes, thanking everyone for the response. "I really believe that you can have it all and find a great balance to a multi-faceted career and life. However, it takes a lot of hard work and improvisation at times."

Meier, who also provides medical coverage for several other high-school sports teams, the University of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City Ballet, tells Today that for her, having it all is "about finding what you love and doing it, even when those things don't necessarily mesh well together.

"There is a constant struggle of work-life balance for the working mom. It is stressful at times and often intimidating, but we find ways to make it work," she explains. "As moms, this is what we do!"