Finally, There's a Fashion Line That Features All Shades of Nude

On the online Oxford Dictionary, one of the definitions of the word "nude" is listed as:

"Of a pinkish-beige color:

nude tights’"

This definition is deeply troubling, especially given the example of "nude tights".

The struggle for dark-skinned women in finding nude clothing and cosmetics in their shades is only made worse by this blatant disregard for their existence, framing "nude" as only in relation to lighter skin tones.

One fashion brand is on a mission to change this.

Nünude, founded by two U.K. women named Vaby and Joanne, is committed to providing women of all skin tones (and body types) with nude fashion.

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The company's website explains:

"In an industry that may be lacking in nude diversity, Nünude are opening our eyes to a whole new world. Owners, Vaby and Joanne, met when they started college and clicked automatically due to their shared passion and entrepreneurial way of thinking. The pair are working extremely hard on creating the best colours they can to match universal skin tones, not only for underwear but for clothes that are on-trend."

The brand offers loungewear, athletic wear, even socks, in a ride range of shades so that everyone can easily find their perfect nude.

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And not only is the company making an important statement about diversity in fashion, but their clothes also look incredibly cozy—which is equally as important.

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Joanne and Vaby have also started a petition to officially change the definition of "nude" in the Oxford dictionary to be more inclusive. You can sign the petition here.

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Diversity in fashion, while still progressing, has definitely come a long way—and it's because of the efforts of companies like Nünude and the fearless women behind it.

We hope other brands follow suit, and begin to redefine their definitions of "nude."