Cobie Smulders Moved for Her Husband's Career but Still Made Her Own

Cobie Smulders is the working wife (and mom) hero we need right now.

On the night of her Broadway debut in the play Present Laughter, Smulders' husband, Taran Killam, posted a heartfelt tribute to his wife and her success.

In an Instagram post, Killam says Smulders followed him to New York City when his career took him there, but that it didn't stop her from achieving her own professional goals.

"She followed me to New York for my work and set a goal for herself," he writes. "The only specific creative goal I've ever witnessed her commit to: Perform in a play on Broadway."

"In these three years, she has jumped through many hoops; put herself out willingly and vulnerably, while still keeping a priority of being a superb mother and phenomenal partner. She has been met with speculation, scrutiny and rejection but never gave up her commitment to her dream. And tonight, she realizes this dream."

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This post is important to for a couple of reasons.

First of all, a man is rightfully bowing down to his boss of a partner and recognizing her strength. Killam ends the post by saying: "I have never been so overwhelmed with pride in my life. Congratulations, Cobie, you did it. Thank you for the inspiration and the incredible honor of being your husband."

What a man.

But more importantly, what a woman. Smulders has proved that not only can she achieve what she puts her mind to but that she can do it while also supporting the career of her partner—and being a mom too.

Because life is never one thing or the other. A woman can be a feminist who acknowledges and utilizes her own tenacity while also making necessary sacrifices for the sake of her husband's career. She can also be one who makes big and small choices every day even as she keeps an eye on her own professional prize—and for sure, so can her partner.

But today, we say, thank you, Cobie.