Heidi Klum Doesn't Care If You Call Her a "Cougar"

Heidi Klum is 13 years older than her boyfriend. She knows the media calls her a "cougar" but you know what? She doesn't care.

"It’s not about age," Klum told Ocean Drive magazine about her relationship with her younger boyfriend Vito Schnabel. "We have an amazing connection, we have fun together, and we love each other."

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The 43-year-old supermodel, lingerie designer, television host, mother of four, and Halloween queen, has been dating the 30-year-old art dealer since early 2014. And in those two years, the media has continually labeled her a "cougar". But Klum just brushes that off.

"It doesn’t matter what people say," she said. "As long as you know when you close your door in your own home, you have an amazing time together. That’s really all that matters."

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And when it's just the two of them, their shared interests make the age difference disappear.

"Art [and math] were my majors in school," says Klum. "I have always loved to paint. Being involved with someone who is so good at this, [Schnabel] is an amazing teacher of all that is new now. Going to school, you learn about the Picassos and Warhols of the world and different time periods. Now I learn more about contemporary art, cultures, and what is now."

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Turns out Klum's "cougar" relationship is one filled with mutual respect, growth, happiness, contentment, and self-esteem. Sign us up!