Finding Son They Put Up For Adoption 49 Years Ago Reconnects Couple

Kathleen Chafin and Harold Miller have one of those classic love stories.

Girl meets boy while in college.

Girl gets pregnant, drops out of college, gives their son up for adoption, and loses touch with boy.

Girl gets married to a different boy, has two kids and adopts four more.

Girl puts ads in classified sections of newspapers looking for her son.

Girl gets divorced after 20 years of marriage.

Girl gets letter from her son and reconnects with him.

Girl tells first boy about reconnecting with their son and they meet up.

Girl dates boy.

You know, that old story.

Kathleen Chafin and Harold Miller met when they were both freshman at St. Louis University, in the fall of 1967. Very quickly they hit it off and began dating.

Miller “had a goofy personality and was always making me laugh,” Chafin told Tulsa World. “And he was a super nice guy.”

“She was beautiful,” Miller says of Chafin. “Just beautiful, and a hell of a lady. I loved her.”

A few months into their relationship, Chafin got pregnant. As this was the late 60's, Chafin being unmarried prompted her to leave school, have the baby out of state and agree to place the child up for adoption.

Miller was starting his sophomore year of school when she called and told him he had a son. They tried to keep in touch, but it was just too painful.

Chafin's life went on. She married, had two daughters, adopted four other children, got divorced and lived a full life. But she never forgot her son and she never forgot about Miller.

In March of 2015, Chafin received a letter in the mail at her office in Seattle, WA.

For several years, she had been posting on websites and placing classified ads in newspapers, trying to find the son she had placed for adoption. Somehow, five years after one of her ads had been posted, her son Tom, in Omaha, NE, found it.

“Contact me,” Tom's letter said, “if you’re still interested.” She called right away and learned he's now a health-care administrator. She learned Tom was married and had four children, including a daughter soon to be married.

Having reconnected with her son, Chafin turned her attention to Miller.

Over the years she had kept tabs on him from afar. She tells Tulsa World she knew he had gone to Vietnam and that he had been injured there. She tracked him down to a senior-living center in south Tulsa and called the staff to see if he needed anything. She called many times before she finally spoke with him.

When the staff of the senior center handed Miller the phone and told him it was Chafin on the line, he was shocked. “I couldn’t believe it was her,” Miller told Tulsa World. “And she had found our son? I didn’t know what to say.”

Chafin had been worried about how Miller would react, but she needn't have. He just kept repeating,  “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” as she told him about their son.

In November 2016, Chafin came to Tulsa to see Miller again for the first time in almost half a century. They say it was like no time had passed. Immediately they fell back into the rhythm they had all those years ago.

Miller spent Christmas with Chafin in Seattle, where they were able to video chat with Tom and his family.

And for Valentine's Day, Chafin once again came to Tulsa to spend the day with Miller, who is once again her boyfriend.

“I know I want to be with him,” she told Tulsa World about hers and Miller's future. “How? When? Where? I don’t know. But it’s going to happen.”

H/t: Tulsa World