Parents Share the Rules They Never Thought They’d Have to Make

There are parts of parenting that one can prepare for, like baby proofing the house and buying diapers, but there are also parts you can't prepare for.

Redditor weejobby posed the following question to the parents of Reddit, "What is a rule you never thought you would have to create let alone enforce?" And the parents delivered some of the weirdest, and frankly terrifying rules imaginable.

Here are some of our favorites:

'No attempting to pee on the cats'

"We have a 'No attempting to pee on the cats' rule....." writes MrsDowey blowing up the idea that human beings inherently know not to do that.

'No Licking'

'No Dark Arts in the house'

Prinad0 explains that in their household rules have to go beyond the real world:

"My kids were playing Harry Potter one day (running around waving wands at each other) when one cast the killing curse on the other. This was followed by an argument and a bunch of yelling, which led to a rule I never thought I'd have to enforce: 'NO DARK ARTS IN THE HOUSE'"

'No cat poop related dares'

'Don't sit in the toilet'

"Don't sit in the toilet," writes user karylyn17. "When you're done going potty, call for mom or wipe yourself and get up. Don't slowly sink down into the toilet."

Good advice for people of all ages actually.

'No flicking the hamster...anywhere'

'No head butting at the dinner table'

Hdawg187 writes, "NO HEADBUTTING AT THE DINNER TABLE. For fuck's sake. The 7 year old is so gentle and timid and the 3 year old is an absolute psycho with zero fear. I'm not sure if it's a youngest child thing or he's just mental."

Probably a bit of both.

'No haunting the neighbors'

'Do not write on the side of the car with a rock'

Ransom_Rabbit's daughter inspired the rule, "Do not write on the side of the car with a rock. Seriously. I have seen pictures of kids who did that, At least she wrote 'I love you'."

At least there's that.

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