Creating the Flo & Frank Studio

It took three months of planning, two days of moving, at least three pizza deliveries and countless coffees to build the Flo & Frank studio in New York City. We started our design late last year with a clear space, blank walls and one very messy brainstorming session. Our vision, when we finally came up with it, was to create a workplace that was as unique and eclectic as we are.

With the help of Homepolish, a personal interior design service, our seemingly over-the-top ideas were brought to life effortlessly (okay, a little effort was involved). Justin DiPiero, our interior decorator from Homepolish, started our design by creating a mood board that matched our vision perfectly. Ideas were thrown around, plans were made — and then scrapped (let’s be frank, you never get it quite right the first time around) — and plenty of images were stuck to our walls in the form of an inspiration board.

From paints, to lightbulbs, to carpet squares and glassware, everything in our office now has its place, plus a great story behind why we chose each piece. When it came time to pick colors, we wanted to avoid bold, contrasting tones and opted for soft, pastel shades to ensure our workplace is a relaxing environment. And it is. Almost too relaxing — 4pm is now reserved for naps on our very comfortable couch.

Justin sourced products from stores in New York such as West Elm (desks, chairs, tables and the couch) and Farrow & Ball (the beautiful patterned wallpaper), while we drew on our network of talented makers from the Flo & Frank Boutique to create unique pieces to fill our space with handmade love. We had Maya of Juniper & Fir create a macrame wall hanging for our studio wall, Araya from Willful Goods provided bowls for our tables, Michal from Micush Art & Illustration supplied artwork and office decor, Tjockt knitted us a throw - on an extreme scale - and Sea & Asters gifted us air planters that we've scattered around the office to breathe life (and a little color) into our space.

It was three months of highs, lows, mistakes, laughter and a lot of learning. Our video editor is now an expert at putting up wallpaper, I’m now considering a career change in the world of carpet tiles, while all of us learnt a lot can be achieved in two days of hard work. 

Despite mistakes and setbacks, we went with the flo (true to our name) and believed it would all work out. And it did, thanks to our multi-talented team, Justin, Brian Henderson and Chandler Tuck from Scrunch Media for filming our video, and all our incredible Flo & Frank makers. 

We hope you enjoy our space as much as we do.