Hillary Clinton Talks About How She Got Through the Monica Years

Ever wonder how Hillary Clinton got through her husband's very public affair?

She's stayed relatively quiet about it over the past two decades. But now Clinton has opened up about what got her through those tough years.

She did it just like any of us would - with a little help from her friends.

In an interview with CNN, she said her friends "rallied around" her during one of the biggest political scandals of the 20th century.

“I was so supported by my friends," Clinton said. "They would try to make me laugh. They would recommend books to read. We’d go for long walks, we’d hang out, you know, eat bad food. I mean, just the kinds of things you do with your friends."

It's hard to imagine her surrounded by girlfriends, stuffing her face with Oreos and Ben & Jerry's. Or drinking her sorrows away at a bar while her best friend told her she's too good for Bill.

Still, she dealt with it the best way she knew how.

"Just the kinds of things you do with your friends, and it was something that you just had to get up every day and try to deal with while still carrying on a public set of responsibilities," she continued. "So it was very, very challenging."

Donald Trump has been going after Clinton by bringing up her husband's affairs all week. He began by congratulating himself for not talking about them during the presidential debate.

"I was going to say something extremely rough to Hillary, to her family, and I said to myself, I can't do it," he said. "It's inappropriate. It's not nice."

So what did he do? In true Trump fashion, he continued to talk about it.

"I’m very happy that I was able to hold back on the indiscretions with respect to Bill Clinton," he added.

And since then, he has instructed his campaign to point to Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers, another woman Bill Clinton is rumored to have had an affair with, to counter criticism about his comments toward ex-Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

But as anyone with half a brain knows, Hillary Clinton's husband's sex scandals have nothing to do with her capabilities as a potential president. Obviously, that hasn't stopped Trump from stooping to one of his lowest tactics yet.

When asked whether she feels she should comment on her spouse's indiscretions being brought up in the campaign, Hillary Clinton simply answered, "no".

She's already addressed it. And clearly it was a private, painful experience. Only someone like Trump would try to win the presidency by making it about sex scandals.