6 Sets of Celebrities Who Should Probably Play Relatives

It's incredible that among such an exclusive group—the Hollywood elite—there could be so many of the same face.

(On the other hand I suppose it's not all that surprising, considering the industry's historic lack of diversity, but that's a conversation for another time.)

Right now, I'm mainly concerned with insane celebrity döppelgangers, because seriously, there are so many.

So many in fact, that I've taken it upon myself to imagine fictional families that should definitely happen on either the big or small screen.

Hollywood, you're welcome.

Celebrities who should play siblings:

Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly

Okay, these two were separated at birth. I am convinced.

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I can see them in a tense family drama in which Pressly plays Robbie's older sister, desperate to ensure she doesn't make the same tragic mistakes she did.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Dane Dehaan 

Well, this is just creepy.

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These two literal twins should star in a dramatic yet heartwarming tale of two long-lost brothers whose broken paths eventually lead them to each other.

I see it involving a lot of long, brooding stares and close-up revelation shots.

Ashley Graham and Eva Mendes 

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So, they have the same face.

Wouldn't these two just be spectacular in a Sisters-style comedy—except one where they spend a lot of time at the beach wearing amazing swimsuits and not apologizing for their cellulite?

You're exactly right. They would.

Celebrities who should play parents and children:

Nicole Kidman and Kiernan Shipka

Why hasn't this happened yet?

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I think that Kidman could flex her comedic muscles in a family sitcom with Shipka as the only daughter among five sons.

Shenanigans would surely ensue.

Salma Hayek and Ariana Grande 

For these two, I'm thinking a Gilmore Girls-style TV show, except the mother-daughter pair are traveling cabaret performers.

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Celebrities who should play a family:

Alicia Keys + John Legend = Amandla Stenberg

This trio would be superb in a heartwrenching story of two musical parents who want their daughter to follow in their footsteps, but she dreams of a career as a financial analyst.

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Hollywood, are you listening?