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Sheena Yaitanes started her own make-up brand based on one idea: there's too much of it. Her lipsticks come in eight shades, and every single one suits every single skin tone.


No more "orangey-reds for warm" "blue-y reds for cool": everyone can wear all of these. Yaitanes loves painting, and as she explains to T Magazine, knows on a canvas you need a balance of blue, red, and yellow to make skin tones "look human". Her theory is that most lipsticks just don't mix in enough colors. Enter her brand, Kosas.

The Kosas colors range from orange, to pink, to deep plum, and they're not too glossy, not too dry and matte.

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They're affordable, at 24 bucks a pop, and have chic names to match the gorgeous, understated colors (from "Darkroom" to "Undone"). Her only rule is no beige—she thinks there's not enough color in beige to make it flattering on anyone.

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The other great thing about Yaitanes' line is the ingredients. She's trained as a chemist, and is all about natural ingredients: as well as the moisturizing chops of gentler ingredients like green tea and shea butter, there's a real visual benefit too. "The molecular weight of a natural oil is small so it can absorb into your skin," Yaitanes says, "Versus a synthetic that sits on top and slides off."

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Time to get back to nature.