It's Time to Stop Comparing Yourself on Social Media

Last night I went down a social media rabbit hole. It started with the usual skim of the Newsfeed, but then it turned into ‘I wonder what that one girl from High School Environmental Science is doing?’ I ended up spending an hour looking up all the popular girls from high school on Facebook and Instagram, then feeling bad about myself when I found that they all either looked great, had amazing jobs, just had babies, or worst of all looked great at their amazing jobs just after having babies. I sat there and compared my life to theirs until my phone buzzed with a text from my boyfriend asking what I wanted for dinner.

The man wants to feed me. My life is pretty good.

So why do we do this? Why do we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in comparisons? In this episode of Raise Your Hand Say Yes, host Tiffany Han talks with her friend Erin Cassidy about how to keep the balance between your life and business and the need to keep up with everything on social media. They talk about how to not go down the rabbit hole I did. Han talks about how she recently decided to unfollow anyone that makes her feel bad about herself. She’s right, it’s just not worth it.

Han and Cassidy’s conversation comes down to the fact that people pick and choose what they put on social media. They generally present a great life that has no problems. So looking to social media for inspiration in your own life is only going to lead to self-doubt and disappointment.

Bonus info: Feeling depressed after comparing yourself is a real thing. According to , a study by the University of Houston found “people who logged more Facebook time not only had more depressive symptoms, but that social comparison – in any direction – was the mediator, and for both sexes.”