Where Are They Now: Your Favorite Holiday Movie Kids

The holiday season is a time for bundling up and watching a movie. But while watching your favorite Christmas classic your mind inevitably will begin to wander. Whatever happened to the kid in that movie?

Well funny you should ask:

is a 26-year-old stand up comedian. But, 13 years ago she played Daisy, the First-Lobster-playing daughter of Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson's characters in Love Actually.

"Every Christmas, people still bring Love Actually up to me and I get a bit awkward because I was such a small part in it," she told Digital Spy"It's become a joke. I clearly peaked age 11 and there aren't many crustacean-based acting roles going these days – it's a niche skill."

Inspired by Digital Spy's check in with Popplewell, here's what some of our favorite holiday movie kids are up to now a days.

Love Actually

Popplewell's cast-mate Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who played 13-year-old Sam, went on to play 13-year-old Jojen Reed on Game of Thrones and star in the Maze Runner films.

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While the actress that played his love interest Joanna, actress Olivia Olson went on to provide voices for animated shows Phineas and Ferb and Adventure Time.

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A Christmas Story

Peter Billingsley played Ralphie in A Christmas Story and almost, just almost made me think a BB gun was an appropriate gift for a child.

Today Billingsley works behind the camera most recently directing Vince Vaughn and Hailee Steinfeld in Term Life.

But he still pops up from time to time in front of the camera. Including as an elf in ElfChristmas movie full circle!

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The Santa Clause

After playing Charlie Calvin in The Santa Clause Eric Lloyd, who started acting at 18-months old, reprised his role for both sequels.

After leaving the business for a while, Lloyd now works as an assistant director and assistant production coordinator behind the scenes.

The Holiday

While Emma Pritchard who played Jude Law's character's daughter Olivia didn't do any other acting after The Holiday, Miffy Englefield, who played Sophia did.

Englefield went on to play Amelia on the BBC show Casualty. 

Now she studies performing arts at University and has a part time job at McDonalds.

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I love that.