4 Crazy-Sounding Natural Beauty Products That Actually Work

Sometimes the best things in life, the ones that eventually become common sense, sound crazy at first. Imagine Thomas Edison pitching the lightbulb at a meeting, right? People probably would’ve balked. But now, we take that concept for granted. And the smartphone? Our ancestors would not have known what to do with all that technology, but we can’t function without it.

So keeping that in mind, here are some beauty ideas that may, at first, seem outside the box, but just might become the thing you won’t be able to live without.

1. Live Probiotics Spray For Skin

Almost anyone can get behind the idea of taking probiotics in pill form or in yogurt— now that we know so much about how the biome affects every system in the human body, it can’t hurt. But what about putting probiotics on your skin?

Mother Dirt’s revolutionary AO+ mist restores and maintains the healthy bacteria that your skin needs. Within two weeks of regular use, people see improvement in skin texture, moisture balance, body odor, and sensitivity. It’s pretty amazing. Just keep the spray in your fridge for maximum effectiveness and spray over your body after a shower and/or before bed. You might even be able to ditch or reduce use of deodorant, blemish treatments, and moisturizers after consistent use, saving you time AND money.

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Mother Dirt’s Revolutionary AO+ Mist, $49.00

2. Beef Tallow in Skincare

Using fat from grass-fed animals is not a new idea— in fact, it’s a centuries-old practice — but it became less popular around the same time we were told to take fat out of our diets. Of course, lately, people are looking back to the basics and to old remedies for natural, healthy diets and skincare. Now that we know it’s predominately sugar and chemicals, not fat, that makes our food unhealthy, I, for one, am happy to put a little extra butter, oil, or fat on pretty much everything. And now that includes my skin.

Obviously not for vegans, this latest trend spawned an entire line, FATCO, which is perfect for paleos and omnivores alike. Fatco makes products that are 100 percent organic and 1000 percent effective. From skincare to baby care to deodorant, scented with essential oils, you’ll fall in love with the rich texture of this line. The moisture lasts a long, long time, and provides vitamins and minerals your skin sorely needs.

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Fatco's Line of Clean Skincare Products, $1.99- $100

3. Charcoal in deodorant

Charcoal has always just been something I threw away after a barbecue. Who knew that something that’s already been burned could leave behind something magical? Now, it requires a certain kind of charcoal, of course— don’t just use the coals from your fireplace— but this brilliant detoxifying deodorant by Kaia Naturals utilizes charcoal from bamboo, which, it turns out, is amazing at absorbing and neutralizing body odors.  The Takesumi Detox deodorant is the first charcoal stick and comes in three great scents.

And in case you’re worried that it will turn your armpits black, this miraculous detoxing formula goes on clear and won’t stain clothes or skin.

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Kaia Naturals Takesumi Detox Deodorant, $21.00

4. Mud, Dirt, or Clay as a face cleanser

Dirt to get clean? Yeah, sounds a little bit nutty. But it turns out that the fine clays in May Lindstrom’s beautiful line of luxurious skincare are the perfect thing to absorb toxins and impurities from the surface of your skin.

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May Lindstom Skin's The Clean Dirt, $60.00

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May Lindstrom Skin's The Honey Mud, $80.00

Whether you prefer the exfoliating power of The Clean Dirt or the gentle mousse-like feeling of The Honey Mud, this made-in-Californa brand will make you love dirt more than you could have imagined you would.

So there you go, four options to get you started—there is a whole world of crazy beauty out there, let your imagination be the limit.