Deep Dive: Halle Berry Has a Surprisingly Excellent Twitter Account

Last week, Halle Berry made Twitter users lose their damn minds.

She posted a photo of herself braless in a sheer top with minimal makeup an the caption:

"Me when someone says 'I'm coming over and I've got snacks.'"

The Internet went crazy over how amazing the 50-year-old Oscar winner looks. And obviously tweeted offers to bring over snacks.

I agree, she looks amazing. But I was more struck by the fact I have somehow not realized how amazing Berry is on Twitter.

Though she joined in March 2015, she didn't start posting until March 2016. Since then, Berry has made 225 tweets—and the woman just gets it. She's managed to make her page the perfect mix of art, whimsy, sex, promotion, family and fun.

Her first post ever, a shot of her from behind, long hair flowing down her naked back, is the perfect mix of sexy and "I know what I'm doing." The caption—"Hi everyone"—adds mystery without vulgarity.

And Berry is very good at mysterious sexy without vulgarity.

The genius of Berry's feed, though, lies in what she chooses to share.

Berry is obsessed with Pinterest, for example. And without her Twitter account, we might not know that.

I honestly can't tell you why it's all so fascinating. But it absolutely is.

Berry shops at H&M. She understands her fans would like to know she shops at H&M.

In fact, she wants to engage with her fans whenever possible.

She knows that we all like a good flashback Friday.

She loves a good pun.

But she also loves to share inspiration when she finds it. And because she's Halle Berry, share it in a beautiful Halle-Berry-photo-accompanied way.

While Berry is open about many things in her life, past and present, she's not about others.

Berry makes a point of not showing her children on social media.

But just because she doesn't show them doesn't mean she can't show off her love of being a mother.

So, well done, Halle Berry. You've got one of the best Twitter feeds out there.

If you're doing it yourself, bravo. If you've hired a team, bravo. Either way, I'm impressed and can't wait to see what you post next.