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How to Tell Everyone You Eat Healthy

If you are what you eat and perception is 9/10ths of the law than if people think you eat healthy then you are in fact healthy...right?

We all know someone who's Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of pictures of healthy food. A person who seems like they have never had a processed food in their life. I try to eat healthy, but sometimes the siren call of a family size bag of Doritos is just too strong. I assume those healthy food photo posting friends have Dorito weakness moments too. We're all human, but are they going to share a photo of their orange dust covered hands with their friends and family? Of course not, they're going to post a photo of a salad with a caption like "Ugh, I'm so full!" In this video Soren and Jolles offer a tongue-in-cheeck guide to becoming one of those healthy food social media posters.

In addition to posting those beautifully plated, nutritious-looking photos of your food, Soren and Jolles recommend listing all the nutritional info right under the photo so that everyone knows how much sugar and fiber you're ingesting. Jolles points out, "you're supposed to keep a food diary and that food diary is social media."

They also recommend posting about how you, "feel such a difference." Thankfully, Jolles offers an example that you'll probably just want to cut and paste on your own Facebook. "I've been drinking this drink for seven days a week and now I wake up smiling. It was a cleanse! My friends are my friends again and my husband loves me more. Everything's big on me now because I lost 18 inches all around my body."

If you do any of the things Soren and Jolles recommend in this video, stop. Yes, you should try to eat healthier but you should be eating better for you, not for social media. They say, "You're doing all this stuff for you, and your lifestyle. So, as long as your happy, don't feel the need to share.