#ClothesMyHusbandHates: The Hilarious Internet Trend for Fashionable Women

We all have that pair of shoes or a jacket that everyone in our life hates, but we refuse to throw away.

The steadfast women of the #clothesmyhusbandhates movement on Instagram are taking this to an entirely new, and hilarious, level.

Participants are posting pictures of themselves wearing items of clothing abhorred by their spouses, in a declaration of pride in their often-ridiculed garments.

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The result is not only entertaining, but also a banding together of women over the trends that men seem to hate, yet women can't get enough of (which is the main idea behind the popular fashion site Man Repeller).

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Helen Canning Ford, fashion expert and blogger at CocoMamaStyle.com, tells :

"Many key trend items from recent seasons rebel against the perceived ideal of an hourglass silhouette so it’s no wonder that men aren’t enamored by these trend-led cuts and styles...But for women, these new shapes offer interesting ways to create outfits from day to night and work to weekend, not to mention comfort in oversized sweaters and pyjama dressing for example."

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While silly, #clothesmyhusbandhates is a pretty empowering concept for the reasons Ford states. When considering all of the different voices trying to tell women what they should and shouldn't wear, it's nice to see women dressing for themselves and no one else.

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The internet has spoken: women are going to wear what they want—and be hilarious while doing it.