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This Family's Christmas Video Is…Erm…Elaborate?

Most of us can't get it together enough to send a holiday card. But the Holderness family has created a entire holiday video, with a retrospective of the past year.

Now, you might be saying, why would anyone want to remember 2016?

Well, after watching , 'Merry Christmas 2016!!', you remember there were actually some pretty great moments.

Set to the tune of  'Dynamite' by Taio Cruz, the one-take parody music video opens with Dad—a Christmas-sweater-clad Penn Holderness—joined by wife Kim, and kids Lola and Penn Charles.

"Let's all agree this year has been meh," they sing. But very quickly, they get into the positivity.

Side note: If you're thinking those smiling faces look familiar, you're right. Three years ago the Holderness family's holiday music video 'Christmas Jammies' swept across the internet in a cheerful storm.

This year, the family sings about everything from Chewbacca mom to Hamilton's Tony awards wins, from the mannequin challenge to the Cubs winning the World Series.

"The Cubs' first title in a hundred years and in Cleveland the Cavaliers," sings Penn, also giving a shout to the amazing performances by swimmer Katie Ledecky at the Summer Olympics.

After sharing their excitement for the Gilmore Girls revival, the family shares some of their personal happy news.

This year, they adopted a puppy named Ruby. And Penn Charles learned to do the worm. So, you know, 2016 can't have been that bad.

In a blog post about the Christmas video, Penn says the family's choice to focus on just the positive was inspired by something his parents did around Christmas time when he was a kid.

"They wrote a letter to all their friends telling them all the blessings they had received," he explains.

"They did this during good and bad years—I remember one year in the '80s when my dad lost his father—he still wrote something that made everyone smile. So, anyway, we did that this year too. We sat down as a family and talked about our many blessings, and all the cool stuff we learned at school, and from our friends, and from, well, the internet, and we put it into a song. We hope you enjoy, and we hope you share your blessings with us as well!"

Ugh, how dare they make my cold, dead heart feel something!

It seems there are a lot of other warmed hearts out there, too. The Holderness family's video already has over 46,000 views on YouTube and has been shared on  more than 35,000 times.

Like the chorus of their song goes, “Yeah, this year was hard. But a lot went right.”

And one thing that went right is their song.