Is Trump's America Good for Women? Well, We Got a New Hooters…

Hooters new chain Hoots is great news for anyone who loves wings, but hates breasts.

The fine folks over at the internationally loved "breastaurant" have announced their new venture. Again for those in the back, it's called "Hoots".

Aimed at what I'm assuming is the guy who took one women's studies class in college and is therefore qualified to make choices about a woman's body, Hoots is Hooters foray into the "fast-casual" mainstream.

Opening its first location in Cicero, Illinois in mid-February, Hoots is just like its big sister, but with a couple perky differences

According to the Hooters spokeswoman Lizz Harmon said Hoots will have both male and female servers.

And neither sex will be required to wear orange short shorts and a low-cut, tight tank top while they serve chicken wings.

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"FINALLY," said women everywhere.

Hoots, coupled with Playboy removing nudity from its pages, is big news. Finally, equality is here. Feminists can rest easy.

And here we all were, thinking things were going to get worse for women in Trump's America.

Now we can have our wings, and eat them too.

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