Finally, an Instagram Hair Trend for Brunettes We Actually Want to Try

There's now an Instagram hair trend just for brunettes, and we're into it.

It seems like all of the incredible hair color trends on the internet cater to blondes—the rise of the icy grey locks, for example. It's harder for dark-haired ladies to make the transition to bold colors, mostly because we first have to bleach our hair before that can happen—and we don't have time for that damage.

But the newest Insta trend fixes all that. It's called chocolate-mauve hair—and it looks really good.

The trend is the brainchild of New York hairdresser , in which she mixes dark brown, warm medium brown, mauve, and pink tones. Edelman posted the creation on her Instagram account, and quickly received an influx of praise in the form of comments and likes.

The colors are strikingly beautiful, but also subtle, thanks to expert blending. Edelman explained her process to Popsugar.

"I took irregular sections of her hair, always on some kind of diagonal, and painted them," she said. “Most of them are color melted. That gave this look a subtle dimension, almost an iridescence.”

Hair can be an art-form too. And if yours is too dark for , this option is just as much fun—and just as elegant. It's great for those of us curious to experiment with color, but aren't quite ready to jump head first into a drastic change. It's the best of both worlds.

Check out these chocolate-mauve looks:

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