How Kate Hudson Spends the Holidays With Her (Very Large) Blended Family

When I was a kid, the holidays were a negotiation. My parents were very good at splitting our time fairly, but we never spent Christmas in one place. It was either Christmas Eve/morning with Dad, and Christmas afternoon/night with Mom, or the other way around.

At Easter, we alternated year on year.

It was fine. It was what we were used to, but it was always a dream of mine to spend one whole Christmas with everyone—even though I knew that was never going to happen.

I suppose not everyone can be Kate Hudson.

Hudson spent her Christmas break with her extended, very blended family and, of course, Instagrammed the whole thing.

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That's a lot of people. So who's who?

There's Hudson, of course; her two sons Ryder and Bingham; her mother, the one and only Goldie Hawn; Kurt Russell, who is Hawn's long-time partner; Hudson's ex, Matt Bellamy (who is Bingham's dad); his girlfriend, Elle Evans; and Hudson's brothers, Oliver, and Wyatt (Russell and Hawn's only child together); and their partners and kids.

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It's clear that getting as many people together as possible to celebrate family is what the Hudson-Bellamy-Russell-Hawn Christmas spirit is all about.

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Where do we sign up to be part of this brood?

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