Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are Just Like Us. They Karaoke to Alanis

The Katy Perry Orlando Bloom love train continues, now with karaoke. Yes, this slightly unexpected relationship keeps delivering.

On Saturday night, Westworld actor Shannon Woodward did karaoke for her birthday. So far, so normal.

Except at her karaoke, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got on the mic. Less normal. Journalist—and famously distanced son of Woody Allen—Ronan Farrow was there, and did us all a favor by capturing the night on film.

Perry did a respectable job of best-ever-breakup-anthem 'You Oughta Know'—and got the entire room to join in.

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To be fair, it's impossible not to join in on this song.

Oh, Alanis. No-one knows us like you. Why else would this anthem still be such a constant karaoke pick, more than 20 years after Jagged Little Pill came out in 1995?

Here's the original in all its incandescently angry glory:

Perry might have been behind the mic on that one, but Bloom still got involved. Very involved.

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And according to Perry's Snapchat, took the lead on another annoyed-woman anthem,  (yep, remember that one?).

Bloom knows what's up. Nothing packs a punch like a woman who's fed up with your crap. Especially when you give her a microphone.

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