Khloe Kardashian Is Getting Rid of Her Freckles and Her Fans Are Sad

Khloe Kardashian, 32, is no stranger to sharing her life with the public. So when she went in for a beauty treatment this week, she decided to document the experience on her Snapchat.

Kardashian visited a specialist in Los Angeles and had laser treatment on her freckles and moles—which we've never noticed before, because she covers them up so successfully in photos.

khloe kardashian beauty treatment
Khloe documented the procedure on her Snapchat.

In fact, this photo the closest thing to freckle-evidence as we could find.

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"Nurse Jamie is burning off my moles one by one," Kardashian says in a Snapchat video as she's undergoing the treatment.

"Soon I'll be freckle- and mole-free."

After posting the video, fans reached out to Kardashian on her Twitter to ask why she was getting rid of her freckles and moles.

Kardashian responded to the comments by admitting her freckles make her insecure. In her words, she's "just toning it down".

Celebrities like Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan have been rumored to undergo similar procedures in the past, but Kardashian is the first celebrity to be so open about the process.

The freckle and mole removal procedure, which costs around $900 USD, works via lasers, which break down the melanin in your skin so the pigmented areads can then be exfoliated off.

Many clinics around the world perform the procedure. Kardashian's skin expert, Jamie Sherrill, works out of Los Angeles' Beauty Park Medical Spa.

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We think Kardashian has always looked great. But if this procedure is a change she wants to make for herself? We say go for it, Khlo.