Kim Kardashian's Return to Fame Isn't What We Were Expecting. It's Better

Early on Monday morning, LOVE magazine dropped day 12 of their annual Christmas advent calendar, featuring none other than Kim Kardashian West.

In the accompanying two-minute video, Kardashian West, 36, is shown wearing lingerie and a fur coat, as she walks around a setting that can only be described as "desert space chic".

You can watch the video below. Post continues after video.

It was a quiet return to the public spotlight for the reality star after two months of near-silence following her robbery in Paris on October 3. And it was not what anyone expected.

For two months, fans have been refreshing Kardashian West's social media pages, analyzing who she's been following on Instagram, and clinging onto every update her family posts to her website on her behalf.

We're not sure quite what we'd expected: perhaps a no-makeup selfie and a solemn caption; or a photo of herself with her husband, Kanye West; or a family photo accompanied by a love-heart emoji.

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But this? A sexy ad for an annual branded advent calendar, published not at the start of the month, or as the final day of the calendar, but right in the middle? We didn't see it coming. And I think it's genius.

Why it makes sense

This calendar perfectly embodies Kardashian West's slow, deliberate return to the spotlight.

Granted, we have no way to know when the advert was filmed. Typically videos are shot months prior to the release, so it's likely Kardashian West filmed this before her robbery—but she would have had to approve the video after the fact. And given LOVE magazine's longstanding relationship with the Kardashian-Jenners, it's unlikely they'd do anything to jeopardize it.

Kardashian West is a businesswoman (and yes, she can and should be described that way; her app, emoji-line and mobile game cemented her place on Forbes' Top Earning Celebrities list and landed her on the cover of the lucrative money magazine in July). And given this, her participation in LOVE's advent calendar was the most Kim-Kardashian-West thing she could do.

She's a professional, and her return to the public eye is as professional as they come.

kim kardashian love magazine
Kim Kardashian on the July cover of Forbes magazine.

This move also corroborates the many tabloid reports circulating since Kardashian West's robbery that suggest she's taking her privacy around her personal life more seriously now. Why wouldn't she lend her face, body, and name to a publication she's been involved with many times before?

I'm not sure why anyone expected an emotional, vulnerable, stripped-back photo to mark the return of Kim Kardashian West. If we've learnt anything from the many years she's been in our lives, it's that she's unpredictable.

Despite today's appearance, we could still be looking at another two months of silence from Kardashian West and her family. Whatever she chooses to do—and that's where this all stems from, our fascination with her choices—we'll be watching. That's for sure.