Introducing the "Thigh Dress"...We Might Be Running Out of Body Parts

At the Gabrielle's Angel Ball in New York on Monday night, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian stepped out in their reliably glam red carpet best. Another night, another wall of sparkles. All very normal, nothing to see here.

Except for one thing. A new kind of dress. The "thigh dress". Which is exactly what it sounds like: a dress that shows your thighs. It must be floor length—you're not showing your thighs, you're highlighting them.

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We've all heard plenty about the "naked dress". That's old news. The thigh dress is different. It goes specific where the naked dress goes general.

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Which isn't to say you can't have the best of both worlds:

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(Khloe has nearly a million likes at the time of writing. A million.)

But it puts me in mind of Hadley Freeman's piece for The Guardian, 'From sideboob to ... bones', about "body-part trends".

"Anyway, we’ve had the butt. We had the sideboob. We had the thigh gap and, this winter, we’ve had the flat stomach and the bony area between (some) women’s bosoms, now that the cleavage has been deemed officially over. It’s exciting, isn’t it, ladies? Which part of our anatomy shall we put in storage in 2017?"

Freeman has a lot to say about the impact of these trends on body image (the whole piece is well-worth a read), and I see her point. But I'm kind of interested in the trends themselves.

Mainly, what comes next?

The "thigh dress" is striking because it shows off a body part in a new way. But there really are a limited number of places to highlight on a woman, and we're cycling through them very quickly.

My money is on calves making a comeback. Or maybe knees. Or some kind of bonnet that shows off your chin. Watch this space.