Monday in Video Form: Boy Searching for His Goggles (That Are on His Head)

Aidan Walker has provided the world with the most relatable video of 2016.

Little Aidan was enjoying a nice day at the pool when disaster struck. He had the perfect trunks, his floaties were securely strapped on, but he couldn't seem to find his goggles anywhere.

In a video filmed by his sister Diara and uploaded to her Twitter account, Aidan searches and searches. He really just can't find them anywhere.

Because they're around his forehead.

"I need my goggles," he says to his sister.

"Where are they?" she asks in return, trying not to laugh.

"Um, somewhere," he replies.

His sister tells him to feel his forehead, which he does. He reaches up and touches the part of his forehead just above his goggles. So close.

After a bit more searching, he finds them.

Taking the low-key epiphany in his stride, he pulls his goggles down and heads right back into the water.

As someone who has used my phone's flashlight to get some light while I look for my phone, I definitely relate.

We are all Aidan.