Let's Make "Silver Vixens" a Thing, Because Gray Hair Looks Incredible

Despite what hip-hop music videos may have us think, the term "vixen" actually means "female fox."

So the question remains: Why aren't "silver vixens"—a.k.a., the female equivalent of the universally praised "silver fox"—a thing?

The George Clooneys of the world are fawned over for their silver locks and other age-related features that deem them "distinguished," so why don't the ladies get the same treatment?

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Women (such as 54-year-old Parisian fashion journalist ) have started to get more and more vocal about their gray hair pride.

We support them wholeheartedly.

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And we hereby announce our campaign to make "silver vixens" common vernacular, in celebration of these beauties.

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Come on, just look at them. These women are proving silver hair can be elegant, sophisticated, and just plain stunning.

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We seriously applaud their unapologetic, drop-dead amazing style. It's time for society as a whole to get on board.