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Curious,Curate,Create: Maryanne Moodie on Beauty

I have been obsessed with the weaving work of Maryanne Moodie for ages, and now, after hearing her totally inspiring self-taught story, I’m even more impressed. P.S. now I want to be a weaver too.

Maryanne is from Australia but currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. She works in a gorgeous sunlit studio filled with looms and piles of colorful vintage wool. Oh, and as luck would have it, she also happens to teach beginner and intermediate weaving classes in that beautiful space – complete with champagne!  Yes. That sounds like an absolutely magical day to me. Now, don’t worry if you don’t live in Brooklyn, because Maryanne packs up her supplies and travels the world teaching people her secrets. I love that she does these classes! So fantastic, and yet another part of her inspiring story. She changed her life by following her instincts and passions. Originally a high school art teacher, she’s now a full time artist and business owner!


So, at this point in the interview I was already planning to run for President of the Maryanne Moodie fan club, but this sealed the deal - she has such a wonderful, relaxed way about her (maybe it’s the Aussie in her). She is not precious about her work, or weaving in general for that matter. She sees it as a place to play and experiment. Not everything you’re going to make will be beautiful on the first try – Maryanne talks about working outside of your comfort zone and making things that are ugly and weird and strange. Before you know it, as long as you keep making, you’ll find yourself going from pieces that are ugly, to ugly beautiful, and finally you’ll find yourself creating work that is “beautiful beautiful!”

Well, Maryanne has certainly found that place. I am smitten with all of her work, and so remember, VOTE FOR ME! I’d make a great president of her fan club.