Melania Trump's New Nude Photos: Mainly Bothering Old White Men

The New York Post ran photographs of a nude Melania Trump on its front page on the weekend. The pictures were from a photoshoot the former model did when she was 21 years old. Yes, she is very very nude. Just a hand covering down there.

Was it shocking? Well, yes. For one major reason.

The bad pun headline that accompanied the pictures: "The Ogle Office".  I mean what man (whose glory days fell I'm guessing in the summer of 1984 because he got married a year later and it all went downhill after that) wrote that front-page headline? The Ogle Office. 

Do the lucky staff at New York Post have a Time Machine? Is it currently stuck in a men's magazine office in 1984? Are they all listening to Caribbean Queen as they wait to get home? Quick, who has the number for Back to the Future's Doc Brown? We need to fix that Time Machine and get those poor people out of there fast.

They must really miss 2016.

No matter what side of the political divide you find yourself on in the U.S. election, what is the purpose of publishing nude photos taken 25 years ago of Donald Trump's third wife?

Is it meant to shame a woman because she once posed nude? (Or more than once: she also posed nude 15 years after this photoshoot for GQ magazine and was going out with Donald Trump at the time.)

Is it because "good, virtuous" First-Lady types don't have histories? They come out of the womb wearing black velvet headbands and modest pastel twinsets? Have volunteered for good causes since they were five years old? Kept good grades but never wanted a career of their own? Are quiet types that know it's best not to say too much?

"Outing" Melania Trump, now 46, because she posed nude, serves no other purpose than to reinforce the very old fashioned notion that there are two types of women in the world: the Madonna or the Whore.

It's a very limiting way to look at the approximately 3.5 billion women of the world. Surely there's at least the funny fat friend in there as well.

Posing nude? Psshhh. Have a look around at pop culture, advertising, most European movies. It's as ubiquitous as very white, very capped teeth in Hollywood.

Why don't New York Post look into Melania's claims she has a university degree from a Slovenian university? This claim appeared on her website and now, after a journalist made some inquiries and couldn't find any evidence of said degree, the whole website has been taken down.

There are way more important issues in the U.S. election for media organizations to uncover than very, very old nude pics posed by a former international model.

Hopefully they can work out what those issues are. You know, small issues like a person's character. Like preying on fear and encouraging blame and rage in order to get people on your side. Like hate-filled speech in a very fragile time. Like using racism and sexism and bad hairism every single campaign day.

Like which presidential candidate is most qualified for the job.

In the meantime we send our thoughts to the New York Post and that faulty Time Machine and hope they get it fixed fast.

2016 is waiting.