Meet the Miracle Baby Whose Parents Spent 17 Years Trying to Conceive

Update, Friday 14th October, 2016: 

After 17 years of infertility and 355 days in the intensive care unit, parents Dana Griffin-Graves and Arkell Graves were finally able to take home their son, "Baby Buns".

After two decades, four miscarriages and a still birth, Dana and her husband Arkell decided a natural birth was no longer in the realm of possibility.

At 41, Dana decided to start a new workout regime, but was surprised when she wasn't losing weight at the same rate as her friends.

After a routine doctor's visit she learnt she was five months pregnant.

Dana filmed her miracle pregnancy announcement and posted it on YouTube: the video has clocked over 10 million views.

But only two weeks after announcing the news to her husband, Dana went into premature labor and gave birth to Kaleb via C-section at just 24 weeks. Kaleb was born weighing a tiny 13oz, but he was determined to hang on.

Kaleb was in the NICU for four months, underwent heart and brain surgery and survived a critical lung infection.

His parents quite predictably refer to him as their little miracle.  "Everybody sees that he is a miracle – everybody recognizes it," Dana told

Kaleb is currently in the NICU, but just three weeks away from his first birthday he weighs a very healthy 13-pounds and his parents couldn't be prouder.

Dana told ShadeRoom the most important thing for mothers experiencing fertility and birthing difficulties is to never give up.

"When you least expect it, it may happen, but always keep your mind and heart open to all possibilities," she said.