Hold On, Is Every Red Carpet Dress You've Ever Seen a Complete Lie?

Drooling over red carpet looks has long been a universal source of joy. But apparently, it may have all been a lie.

Remember this gown Natalie Portman wore to the 2005 Academy Awards?

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A gorgeous, Grecian-style, olive-green ensemble. Right?


Portman's longtime stylist, Kate Young, recently spoke to InStyle about this red carpet lookand revealed a shocking secret.

Of the 2005 Lanvin gown, Young shared:

"This dress was actually lavender in person, but everyone thinks it was brown because of the lighting on the red carpet. It was very Grecian with the velvet-beaded belts. And for her headband, we sewed a Fred Leighton bracelet on a piece of ribbon."

Wait, what? How on earth is this dress even remotely close to lavender?

In an effort to make sense of this disturbing revelation, we took a deep-dive into red carpet photos of the past and discovered that the gown was in fact purple—under certain light.

Exhibit A:

natalie portman red carpetdress
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We are, as the kids would say, "shook."

Not only that. We are now forced to question everything we thought we knew about our favorite red carpet looks.

Like Rihanna's iconic Met Gala cape; is it actually bright green?! There's no way to know.

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Or this look worn by Ashley Graham at this year's Gala. Is it actually blue and orange? Is it all just an illusion?

ashley graham body image
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Okay, probably not. But you can't blame us for being skeptical now.

H/t: InStyle