Natural Ways to Fade Unwanted Stretch Marks

are an inevitable part of life.

Whether you have battle scars from pregnancy or you're just sporting some tiger stripes on your stomach or thighs, they're a super common and very natural part of women's bodies.

No woman should be made to feel pressured to have photoshopped skin. If you want to proudly show off your stretch marks a la Chrissy Teigen, then you should do that.

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But no woman should feel shamed for wanting to fade her stretch marks, either. Some women feel more comfortable without them, and that's perfectly fine.

If you're looking for natural alternatives to removing stretch marks that don't involve laser or chemicals, there are plenty to be found—the majority of which are probably in your kitchen right now.

Vitamin E oil

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Vitamin E has long been used to reduce the appearance of scars, and is definitely far less expensive than any fancy cream or serum you'd find at a beauty supply store.

Egg whites

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It may feel a bit counter-intuitive to crack an egg from the fridge and rub its contents on your body, but the vitamins and proteins can be an excellent source of exfoliation.

Potato juice

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Potatoes have skin-lightening properties that can help fade stretch marks or other scars. Simply throw one in the juicer and apply to the desired areas with a cotton ball.


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Any excuse to go to a spa. Massages get the blood flow circulating, which helps in healing scars and stretch marks.

Shea Butter 

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The intense hydration in shea butter soothes skin and reduces scarring, and luckily, is found in almost every moisturizer you'll find at the drugstore.


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Apricots contain vitamins A, B, C, as well as calcium and manganese, which can aid in ridding the body of toxins. By using an apricot scrub or simply by ingesting apricots, you could reduce the appearance of skin discoloration.

No matter what you choose to do with your body, it's ultimately up to you. Stretch marks or not, it's all pretty beautiful.

H/t: Redbook