News Bite: Abigail Sent Her Art to 'The New Yorker'. It's Now on the Cover

The cover of the February 6 issue of The New Yorker is a celebration of today's woman.

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It depicts the classic "Rosie the Riveter" image, reimagined as a woman of color. And as a bonus, she's wearing the pink pussy hat that was such a symbol at the January 21 Women's March. The cover pays homage to the feminists of the past and the new intersectional feminists of the future.

Artist Abigail Gray Swartz created the image after attending the Women's March in Augusta, Maine. She submitted it to The New Yorker on what she told The Huffington Post was a "total whim".

She chose Rosie as her subject because of the transformation she represented during the years of World War II. And Swartz hoped a similar transformation would come out of the Women's March.

"I made Rosie a woman of color, because as an artist I feel it’s my job to paint diversity," she explained.

"I recently read how important it is for children, especially for children of color, to see images of Barack Obama in their schools. So I concluded, why not give girls of color, and everyone for that matter, an image of a Rosie with brown skin. It was just a no brainer―I want to paint Rosie as a symbol of the Women’s March and she should look like this."

To see more of Swartz’ artwork, check out her website and .

H/t: The Huffington Post