Jessica Alba Says Movie Executives Labeled Her the 'Exotic' One

In a recent interview with PopSugar, Jessica Alba divulges that her mixed ethnicity often created confusion in the mind of movie executives looking for their next star:

"They couldn't figure out my ethnicity. I would always go out for 'exotic.' They were like, 'You're not Latin enough to play a Latina, and you're not Caucasian enough to play the leading lady, so you're going to be the exotic one.' Whatever that was."

Alba didn't let this stop her, though, as she went on to secure lead roles in films such as Fantastic Four, Into the Blue, and Good Luck Chuck.

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Her cosmetic line, Honest Beauty, is dedicated to celebrating diversity. Says Alba:

"I didn't feel like, when I was younger, that there were a lot of things offered to women of color. The philosophy around starting this beauty line is about enhancing who you are instead of cover up and turn you into somebody else."