News Bite: Sex Toys Might Be Safer Than Children's Toys…Seriously

Are sex toys or kids toys safer? Today in sentences you never thought would be true, sex toys might actually be chemically safer than children's toys, containing fewer banned chemical substances such as lead.

According to The Guardian, the Swedish Chemical Agency surveyed 44 sex toys and found only 2 percent of them contained banned chemicals. Of the 112 children's toys they tested, 15 percent contained potentially harmful chemicals.

"This was a bit surprising," Frida Ramstrom, a SCA inspector told AFP. "This was the first time we did such a study."

Out of the 44 sex toys surveyed, only one pesky plastic dildo contained a banned chemical (chlorinated paraffins, which the SCA says are thought to cause cancer).

But all the rest were completely safe. So next time your kid is looking for something to play with

Yeah, maybe not.