News Bite: The Group Teaching Boys (and Girls) About Consent

Understanding consent begins with our young people—especially young men.

No Means No Worldwide is teaching consent a new way, partnering with local organizations to educate young girls and boys about what consent means, how to communicate it, and how to defend yourself if it's not understood.

Lee Paiva, President of No Means No Worldwide, tells :

"When we're working with girls, we start mainly with verbal skills: assertiveness, boundary-setting, how to say no effectively. And if that "no" or the boundary is not respected, then we'll teach physical skills to back it up."

The groups is empowering young girls to know they are in control of their bodies. But more importantly, they are educating young men about what consent means and how to stand up for women facing assault.

"We really need to help boys because they are the key to a rape-free world," Paiva says.

Their work has proven effective. No Means No Worldwide has found that over 50 percent of the girls who take part in the classes report using the skills within a year after training.