This Officer Caught a Mom Shoplifting—so She Bought Her $139 in Groceries

Sheena Davenport was a struggling mother in Alabama when she was caught shoplifting from a Walmart last year.

Davenport, quite simply, was trying to feed her family in trying times.

"[We] were struggling like no other and didn't know what to do," she wrote in a post on the , saying that since the incident she has "had a change in heart."

All thanks to a member of the Dothan Police Department named Officer Katrina.

Davenport had just finished settling paperwork at the district courthouse when Officer Katrina gave her a few words: "Meet me outside."

Davenport did just that and proceeded to follow Officer Katrina in her car.

"We ended up at Winn-Dixie grocery store. She told me to grab a buggy and [said], 'let's go shopping,'" she wrote.

"Officer Katrina spent $139 on food for me [and my family].

"After I told her she didn't have to do it, she started telling me her struggle and how she made it through."

Davenport has pledged to pay it forward when her time comes, saying:

"This world may be jacked up y'all, but there are still people out there who make a difference."

The Dothan Police Department, Officer Katrina's employer, has since responded.

As one user commented:

"Outstanding, Officer Katrina. Proof positive that our officers are not just law enforcement, but also community activists as well."