Hacks to Make You Feel like a Hotel Guest in Your Own Home

Have you ever entertained the thought that your life would be sweeter and more pleasurable if only you lived somewhere else, like Paris or Florence? I certainly have. But while life may indeed be sweet living in a gorgeous foreign city, it’s very likely you can experience more joie de vivre right now, no matter where you live.

When you travel, you are opening yourself up to new experiences. You are ready to savor life, from the moment you wake up until you fall into bed at night—just imagine what could happen if you decided to live your daily life with the same passion and attention to detail you have while on holiday.

Here are nine ways to sweeten your daily life, right where you are.

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1. Take care of yourself as you would a guest.

Show yourself the same care and courtesy you would offer a cherished friend staying in your home.Take the time to make your bed as soon as you get up, open the curtains and wear a nice robe while you brew your coffee or tea. Decide not to see small chores like making the bed as a hassle, but as something kind you are doing for yourself.

2. Savor your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

For many of us, starting the day off on the right foot means enjoying a cup of our favorite coffee or tea in peace.

Why not do your best to make it extra special? Use a latte bowl or your best china teacup, put on the radio or some lovely music, and find somewhere beautiful to sit.

home guest hacks
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3. Spend more time in the fresh air.

Whether it’s simply taking your coffee out onto the terrace of your hotel each morning or going on long walks exploring the city, when you are en vacance, it seems natural to be outside more often. But back home, all too often we get stuck in the same routines, cooped up in our homes and offices, rarely feeling the sunshine on our skin. What an easy thing to remedy!

Try bringing your coffee or tea onto the porch, go for a walk on your lunch break or take an after-dinner stroll. On the weekend spruce up your outdoor space to make it more enticing, and make a point of using it more.

4. Entertain with abandon.

Don’t be afraid to invite friends over to your house! Most people are simply thrilled to be invited and couldn’t care less what shape your house is in, or if you can cook a magnificent dinner.

Focus on the joy of sharing a lovely evening with people you care about, and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks—ask a friend with great taste in music to bring a playlist, or pick up fabulous appetizers from a local restaurant or specialty market. Offer aperitifs and nibbles as soon as guests arrive to put everyone at ease. Make the evening memorable by doing something a bit different after the meal, like putting on old records or playing a game.

5. Enjoy the pleasure of a well-edited wardrobe.

It’s not difficult to have a small wardrobe (quite the opposite!) if it is filled only with pieces you love and wear. When you are editing your wardrobe, try channeling that carefree feeling of traveling with a smartly packed suitcase—everything is essential, flattering and goes with everything else.

home guest hacks
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6. Make cooking (and shopping for) your nightly meal a special event.

Instead of resenting the time it takes to get dinner on the table on a weeknight, try thinking of it as a special event to look forward to. Seek out new open-air markets and specialty stores where you can be inspired by fresh ingredients.

When you get home, make the process of cooking as enjoyable as possible. Put on mood-boosting music (how about opera?), pour yourself a glass of wine and get cooking.

home guest hacks
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7. Set a beautiful table for dinner every night.

Why save your best for special occasions and company? Set your table every night with a tablecloth, real napkins and pretty dishes. Light candles, put soft music on in the background and dim the overhead lights.

Savor your meal and linger at the table. If you don’t want to indulge in a sweet dessert every night, you could serve ripe fruit or just coffee and tea.

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8. Take advantage of what your region has to offer.

So often, we travel to experience new things but neglect what’s in our own backyard. Do you live somewhere with great surfing or hiking spots? Or perhaps there is a well-known museum in your area? Pay attention to what your own community has to offer—you might be surprised at what treasures you find!

home guest hacks
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9. Infuse your daily life with art and beauty.

Whatever that means to you: Put flowers around the house, read more, listen to great music or inspire yourself by viewing great art, learning new things and saying yes to spontaneous adventures.

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